Established in 2016, Sonngie International Trade (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. serves as the procurement and sales center of Brillant Sonnergie GmbH in China. Relying on the social resources and sales channels of the head office in Germany, Sonngie is designed to build a Sino-German trade bridge and a Sino-German trade high-speed channel. Our business includes:

  • Sino-German overseas market expansion. We provide a full range of services including brand registration, product promotion, brand operation, logistics services and participation in engineering project bidding, etc.
  • Sino - German product / technology cooperation
  • Overseas Investment M & A

We are not simply a manufacturer, a trading company, a brand operator, logistics companies or consulting firm. Instead, we position ourselves as a participatory service company providing B2B total solutions, sharing product / technology, market information, sales channels, logistics channels and social resources with our customers through our professional technical team, marketing team and customer service team. We sincerely seek the same excellent partners to generate more value for both parties and the society at large.

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Service stands as an essential problem that no commercial enterprises can afford to ignore. However, we have a formed a further understanding of the services in the B2B realm. The services we are striving for is featured by “simplicity” which means enabling cooperative partners to focus on the domains or links they are familiar with by eliminating excessively complicated cooperation mode and cumbersome operation procedure. Complexity and redundancy should find no place in the services provided by our company.


As an own-brand registered by Brillant Sonnergie GmbH in Europe and China, SONNGIE manufactures a range of products mainly directing at the home furnishing and Electrical & Electronics industries. With the help of B2B business model, it directly serves enterprises customers.



Reliability and convenience represent our service tenet. With a combination of express delivery, air transportation and sea freight services, we are better equipped to cater for the diversified enterprises demands of varying types of merchandise.


Distinct from typical open network sales platforms, we are dedicated in providing customized product promotion programme for our customers. By precision marketing, we seek to avoid malignant competition triggered by undercutting or reducing quality.



We strive to dig deep into multiple industries so as to provide feasible procurement and marketing strategies for buyers and sellers, thus maximizing the accuracy and reliability of marketing analysis.


We work to provide services for Chinese agents seeking for German products. We offer direct procurement and indirect participant services in a view to facilitate Sino-German enterprises business cooperation and enhance mutual trust.



We undertake factory sales services outsourcing business. In other words, we provide our customers with a total solution package of industrial chain in the European market including the market information of product development, product warehousing and transportation and product after-sales services.

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